Saturday, January 15, 2011


I might have the order of the apps around the wrong way here. Maybe I ought to be hacking the OpenEars sample so that, in addition to displaying the words it recognises, it also outputs the corresponding IR codes to the IR dongle. That's actually a lot easier to implement (I think). No need to install the IR code learning section nor the GUI section.

So devel steps:
  1. Test VTV app with VTV vocab (clone OE sample app). (Especially test headset input.)
  2. Use the L5 app to learn the hex codes for DTV controller and upload them to L5 hexcodes database.
  3. Install the hex codes in VTV app.
  4. Add a "dumb" controller which toggles "on" and "off" when each time voice input is detected. Can test this with my DTV tuner controller (or maybe even Apple FrontRow controller?).
  5. Add IR output for all the vocab.

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