Saturday, January 15, 2011


A little bit later...

Have finally got around to working a bit on project. Have downloaded, compiled and run the L5 sample app on both the emulator and my iPhone. Have downloaded, compiled and run OpenEars library and sample app on both the emulator and my iPhone. OpenEars is an XCode wrapper around CMU Sphinx.

It looks like the restricted vocab for the controller will allow Sphinx to be recognise words pretty accurately. However I still need to generate and test a "TV controller" word list to replace the sample app's "mobile toy controller" list.

The L5 now uses the Phillips Pronto hex code format ("We are using a modified subset of the Pronto IR Format (") This would be fine except the RemoteCentral library is seriously out of date wrt. Sharp Aquos TVs. It looks like I will have to manually load the codes from a controller .

So all I have to do now is find a way to fool the L5 sample app into thinking it's getting its input from its buttons when in fact it's really getting it's input from OpenEars recognised words.

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