Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another IR dongle for iPhone

Found the RedEye Mini dongle for iPhone. Advertised at US$49 on their website. Tried to buy it but they don't ship to Oz. Seems they've given distributor rights to some tin-pot company in Oz and they want AUD$95!!, with the exchange rate almost at parity.

So I checked Amazon and found one shop selling it for US$38 but they wanted $35 for postage! Eventually found Amazon's offer which was the same price but only $9 for postage. So it looks like I will get the dongle for the equivalent of US$49 and the Oz sellers can go complain to the govt. about how they are losing sales to the Internet because no GST makes them cheaper (yeah, almost 100% cheaper).

Not sure if this dongle will be as open to program as the L5 but they might make an exception for the VTV. The use of the audio socket...

Oh blast, the use of the audio socket means it will probably disable the microphones in the iPhone. Screwed whichever way I turn: use L5 and lose charging port or use RedEye and lose voice input. Well at least the RedEye will make a good manual TV controller.


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