Tuesday, March 3, 2015

RigidBot projects

The list of 3D printed artefacts I need is growing longer each week. In no particular order:

  1. If I decide to continue with the RUMBA controller board, I will need an enclosure for it.
  2. I need an enclosure for the Parallella which will hold the fan over the Zynq chip.
  3. I want a translucent enclosure for the CharlieCube I made late last year.
  4. My "grand project" is a Perl 6 implementation of the Threesus project. The original project has a video camera watching an iPad screen, OCRing the image it sees, deciding the best next move then activating one of two stepper motors to swipe the iPad screen up or down, left or right. Not sure if I want to get to the stage of using the stepper motors (although I have a couple in my spares box). I want to use my Raspberry Pi with camera module for the video processing, so I would like to build an enclosure to hold the RPi and camera in a config which makes it usable for OCRing an iPad (or iPhone).
  5. An enclosure for a reflow oven controller.
  6. An enclosure for a coffee bean roaster controller I am designing for an Elektor competition.

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