Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A music OCR/OMR chip?

What if one were to program a SEAForth 40C18 with just the recogniser routines of Audiveris? There's some quite heavy lifting in Audiveris which could easily take advantage of the 40 cores in the chip. I've never met a 100 lines of Java that couldn't be reduced to one line in Perl. I wonder if one could get a similar reduction in Forth. I haven't looked inside Audiveris yet but I bet most of the 100,000 lines of code are the GUI and the object interfaces. Algorithms tend to be compact, for a couple of reasons: big ones are difficult to understand hence humans don't think them up; and big algorithms are slow; the fewer lines of code, the faster it runs. Anyway, now that I've received my 40C18 I will have to find something to do with it when I've got past the Hello World tutorials.

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